Our first Air Medical Treansport Course was held on November 15th 2014. It has been a lot of preparation, but the result is worth every single minute.


A German Medical Council rewards the course with 8 CME credits.


Contents covered following topics:


- Altitude Physiology 

- Transport Hygiene 

- Mechanical Ventilation at Altitude 

- Quality Management in Air Medical Transport 

- Survival (cold / cold water) 

- Hazardous Materials in Air Medical Transport 

- Meteorology


We will repeat this course twice per year for our new personnel and as a repetition for all.

All these trainings and more are also on our website for our personnel for e-learning purposes.


If you are interested to participate or to have the course being held at your location, please write a mail to:

GlobalMED intl.


tel.  +49 6742 897425  (07-23 CET)
fax. +49 6742 859 0023

Gert Muurling, MD

CEO & medical director

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