A stronghold for competence and quality: medical director, coach and CEO drs. Gert Muurling, md

Our medical director Gert Muurling is medical advisor for the "International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics - Germany e.V." (IAFCCP), an association for further education of nurses in the air medical environment and on intensive care units.

Furthermore, he was quality auditor for the "European Aeromedical Institute e.V." (EURAMI) for nearly 15 years, an association for the worldwide improvement of quality for air ambulance companies, and member of the "Air Medical Physician Association" (AMPA), an association for air medical physicians who's core interest is the patient's safety and the high quality of their work.

For more than 25 years he is consultant for anaesthesiology, and he is subspecialised in intensive care medicine and emergency medicine. Aso, he is leading emergency physician trained in the management of mass casualties. He is board certified in several european countries. Additionally, he is certified in medical travel advise, air travel medicine, altitude- and trekking-medicine (Centrum für Reisemedizin GmbH, CRM). He speaks five languages.

We fly with medical specialists and registered nurses.

We fly with consultants for anaesthesiology/critical care/emergency medicine and registered nurses for anaesthesiology/critical care from Germany and the Netherlands. All of them must also work in hospital to stay current in their specialty. In both countries it is mandatory to take part in the continuing medical education (CME). This ensures their current medical knowledge.

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Gert Muurling, MD

CEO & medical director

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