Medical Rcommendation on Air Travel Ability.

There are fixed guidelines and limits for all different illnesses to determine if a patient is allowed to fly with a normal airliner. Most treating physicians in hospital are not familiar with these guidelines, but they are the ones who are asked to document a "fit-to-fly"!

We have the additional certified expertise in air travel medicine and we are able to do a profound evaluation with the needed actual medical data. Of course, a release of the medical confidentiality is needed for the treating physician, our medical department and the medical department of the insurance company. For the medical escort, this is also important for the medical department of the airline. A good communication between all parties is essential for a safe medical transfer. 


Depending on local health standard and situation of the patient, a so called "medical evacuation" should be done. This will always be in agreement with the family and assistance company. 

Obtaining medical information from abroad.

Before departing for a medical flight we will always contact the treating physician to obtain the most actual medical information. Like this we prevent undesirable surprises as far as possible.


It needs medical and linguistic knowledge to do this, successfully. We speak six languages and are able to adapt to foreign working cultures. We are also able to translate medical information in other languages for the convenience of a treating physician in an accepting hospital.

Globalmed air medical services

Gert Muurling, MD

CEO & medical director

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