Commercial Medical Escorts on Airliners.

Which mode of transportation is the best for your patient? Which one is the fastest or most efficient?

We can give you advise under consideration of the patient's present medical situation.

We are able to arrange everything, from the treating physician's first medical report, all documents needed for the airline, organisation of the seats, stretcher or patient transport compartment and the ground ambulances on both sides.

These medical escorts are most often done by a single physician or nurse. This person has to check several points before starting with the transfer:

  • the actual health situation of the patient
  • all travel documents
  • the accepting letter of the airline
  • all medical reports and copies of examinations
  • all needed medication
  • the ground transfer to and help at the airport
  • needed oxygen during the flight
  • the seats within the airplane 

When all points are checked the transfer can start. All points are also communicated with our office. Discrepancies are also communicated with the customer. 

We can give you advise on the best options for your patient.

According to the actual medical situation we can give specific information on the possible options for a medical escort..

For the safety of the patient we will always send a complete medical team on very long distances that are planned to take longer than 16 hours.

Globalmed air medical services

Gert Muurling, MD

CEO & medical director

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