Medical Equipment for Critical Care Transfers

HAMILTON T1 critical-care transport ventilator

This is the high end portable critical care ventilator for every ventilated patient, updated with the Neonatal Mode.

Manual for the Hamilton T1 Critical Care Transport Ventilator
PDF-Dokument [7.1 MB]

ZOLL X-SERIES monitor defibrillator

This Zoll monitor/defibrillator is the newest critical care transport monitor and equipped with three invasive pressure ports, expiratory CO2, twelve leads-ECG, and two temperature ports. The power on the defibrillator can be selected to perform safe cardioversions, as well.

Manual for the ZOLL X-series Critical Care Transport Monitor Defibrillator
PDF-Dokument [14.4 MB]

ZOLL AED PRO automatic external defibrillator

Manual for the ZOLL AED Pro
PDF-Dokument [2.4 MB]

EPOC blood-gas-analyser and relevant blood chemistry

Manual for the EPOC Blood Gas Analyser
PDF-Dokument [4.1 MB]

FRESENIUS Injectomat MC Agilia syringe pumps

Manual fror the Fresenius Injectomat Agilia Syringe Pump
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]

FRESENIUS Volumat Agilia MC infusion pump

EZ-IO bone-marrow drill for medication and infusions

Manual for the EZ-IO Bone-Marrow Drill
PDF-Dokument [2.4 MB]

Leardal Compact Suction Unit 4

Manual for the Leardal Compact Suction Unit 4
PDF-Dokument [4.9 MB]


The standard emergency medication is carried on every flight. Additional medication can be organised in advance.

The routine medication (the patient's daily therapy) should be provided by the hospital.

Medical oxygen

There are 8000 litres of oxygen installed (four 10l-bottles), and we always take two portable bottles with us for the ground transfers.

Omniline, oxygen-hose with a CO2 sample line for spontaneously breathing patients

Stiff-neck, vacuume mattress, splints

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