We make experts: training for air medical personnel.

Those who fly patients must know about the expected differences at higher altitudes that occur with all different illnesses, and know the contraindications!

Also time differences must be taken into account.


Being part of the Air Medical Physician Association and medical advisor for the IAFCCP (International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics) and a big travel insurance company, our medical director has got an international reputation and created an Air Medical Transport Course, that is accredited by a German Physician Council for Continuous Medical Education (CME). Have a look at the brochure further down this page.

Air Medical Transport Course Brochure

Have a look at our brochure, that shows you some of the contents of three of our lectures. If you should be interested to have the complete course or just parts of it held at your location for your staff, please contact us at education@globalmed-international.com.


A specific field of interest is mechanical ventilation. Due to the immense international variety in intensive care ventilators, all with their own names for ventilation patterns, it takes a lot of international medical expertise to make the correct choice on the ICU transport ventilator to adapt the actual ventilation pattern. Many internationally used transport ventilators do not support the different ventilation modes, requiring more sedative medication to make the patient tolerate the ventilation with all negative effects like hypotension, decreasing the patient's immune system, increasing the need of catecholamines, increasing the risk of decubital ulcers. These ventilators are endangering the patient!

This will not happen with our most modern ICU transport ventilators.

Globalmed air medical services


Gert Muurling, MD

CEO & medical director

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