Critical Care Transfers.

For most critical care patients and neonates the air ambulance airplane, equipped like an intensive care unit in hospital, is the correct choice.

Often, these smaller jets are able to land closer to your patient than an airliner. Like this, ground transport distances to and from the hospital are shorter.

Flight level can be changed depending on the clinical necessities. With a lower flight level, the cabin pressure can be maintained like at sealevel.

The flying intensive care unit for your patients.

We fly with the most modern and sophisticated ICU transport ventilators that support a wide variety of ventilation modes, also assisting semispontaneous modes, and the non-invasive ventilation. An active weaning process in hospital will not be interrupted.


We have the intensive care physicians with many years of experience in interdisciplinary critical care treatment, covering the complete range (neurologic, cardiac, gastroenterologic, endocrinologic, surgical und traumatologic).


They are assisted by anesthetic / intensive care nurses who know to help with all invasive procedures, to keep an eye on the blood-volume-management and to do the most important nursing within the confined transport environment.

We guarantee a "bed-to-bed"-service for your patient.

 „Bed-to-bed“-service means, that the patient is handed over to us in the referring hospital, and we hand him over in the accepting hospital. The first evaluation within the referring hospital is very important to gain a proper impression of the medical situation. In many countries ground ambulances are not able to provide critical care treatment. When not doing a "bed-to-bed"-transfer, just the ground transfer to the airport will already worsen the medical situation. And every additional hand-over can lead to loss of information. These risks are reduced by our "bed-to-bed"-service. 

With patients on mechanical ventilation even differentiated ventilation patterns are not interrupted due to our most modern ICU-transport-ventilators. Like this we will hardly need more sedative medication than in hospital.

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